Guns advertised in this section may be owned without a FAC or SGC provided they are held in accordance with Section 58(2) of the 1968 Firearms Act (as a curiosity or ornament) and not fired. If the intention is to fire them, they must be brought onto the appropriate certificate beforehand.

Please note: Prospective purchasers will be required to declare that they are not prohibited from owning Section 58 guns under section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968.


Stock No.






A good .40 cal percussion target/duelling pistol by C Bauer of Bad-Elms (Germany) circa 1850. 10in browned, sighted octagonal barrel (very good bore) signed  
'C BAUER. BAD - ELMS' with inlayed gold lines at the breech end. Fine foliate engraving on lock, hammer, trigger guard and finial. Figured walnut half stock with fluted grip (old repaired crack) and steel butt cap.

A good .50 cal flintlock duelling pistol by Nock of London. 10in browned, sighted, octagonal smoothbore barrel (excellent bore) signed 'Nock London'. Original lock, boldly signed 'Nock' with border engraving, set trigger. Steel trigger guard with spur, foliate engraving to guard and fine acorn finial. Nicely figured walnut half stock (cracked to left hand side with old repair) chequered butt with steel butt cap and vacant silver oval, horn tipped fore end and steel tipped ramrod. 15in (38 cm) overall length. 3200

A very good Remington 1858 'New Model - Army' .44 cal muzzle loading revolver. 8in sighted octagonal steel barrel (good bore) with bold 'Ilion New York' address stamped on the top flat. Steel frame, barrel and 6 shot cylinder with good patina overall. Brass trigger guard and original walnut grips (cartouche just visible). Matching serial numbers (123814 for early to mid 1870's) on barrel, frame and trigger guard. 2300

A good .44 cal flintlock duelling pistol by Ross. 9in browned, sighted, heavy octagonal smoothbore barrel (excellent bore) with platinum lined touch-hole. Original lock signed 'Ross'  with sliding safety catch. Walnut half stock with chequered grip and vacant silver escutcheon on top tang. Original brass tipped ramrod. 1800

A good .55 cal flintlock pistol by John Richards. 10in browned, sighted, octagonal to round smoothbore barrel (good bore) with gold lined touch-hole. Original lock signed 'John Richards' with sliding safety catch. Walnut full stock with chequered grip. Original steel tipped ramrod. Sold to Mr S

A good .57 cal flintlock pistol by J Probin. 9.5in browned, sighted, octagonal barrel (good bore) signed 'London' with gold lined touch-hole. Original lock signed 'J Probin'  with sliding safety catch. Walnut full stock with vacant silver escutcheon on top tang and steel butt plate. Ebony or Rosewood ramrod. Sold to Mr S

A good .50 cal percussion travelling pistol. 5 inch brown damascus octagonal barrel with Birmingham Company Proof marks. Plain back action lock (fully working), walnut full stock with chequered half round butt, steel ramrod. Sold

A good Allen & Thurber .32 cal muzzle loading pepperbox revolver. 4" steel unsighted barrels inscribed with makers name, address and 1837 patent. Steel frame with floral engraving, double action (fully working) with bar hammer. Two piece walnut bag shaped grips. 595

A very good mid 19th century .32 cal muzzle loading 'Pensylvania-Kentucky' rifle by H E Leman of Lancaster Pensylvania. 38 inch very heavy octagonal sighted barrel (good bore), percussion lock (drum & nipple conversion from flintlock) with makers name and address engraved (obscured by some external pitting), double set trigger, beautiful tiger stripe maple full stock with brass furniture and crescent butt plate. Hardwood ramrod with brass fittings. Full working order. Sold to Mr S